AQUAVIA is our natural alkaline water,
a powerful remedy for some dysfunctionalities of the body.

We invite you to Bologa: a place situated in Cluj County,
right on Sacuieului Valley, at the base of Vlădeasa
Mountains, the place where AquaVIA meets the air and the light of the surface.

Here, the chirping of birds, the murmur of the water and the wind coming down from the mountain give meaning to our brand and turn a simple name into something special.
You will discover the scenic area of the Apuseni Mountains
formed by 145 million years old volcanic eruptions.


From geological point of view, the Western part of the Transylvanian hollows is characterized by a foundation made up of crystalline schists and magmatic rocks (andesite and dacite) and a suite of sedimentary deposits from the Cretaceous Superior age (145 mil. Years – 66 mil. years old), Paleogene (65 mil. Years – 23 mil. Years) and Neogen (23 mil. years – 2.5 mil. years).

In terms of hydrogeology, the extraction point of AquaVIA is situated in the phreatic aquifer located in the holocene deposits (sands and gravels from the riverbed of Sacuieului Valley and its tributaries), also, the deep aquifer is accumulated in sandstones and limestones from senonian deposits. The positioning of the aquifer and the existence of these geological formations developed after volcanic eruptions (from the Cretaceous Superior age), directly influences the alkalinity and pH of the water.

The high pH and the alkalinity of water are mainly due to the formation of natural sodium bicarbonate, process facilitated by:

  • dissolution of the alkaline elements (feldspars rich in sodium) from igneous rocks altered by water infiltration;
  • chemical reactions between water and carbonate rocks that make up the aquifer, resulting in the constant formation of hydrogen carbonate ions ( HCO3- ).
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We value your state of vitality with AQUAVIA .
The high level of alkalinity of our water offers a delicate and refreshing taste. You will discover the benefits of optimal hydration and a unique product resulting from the symbiosis of two elements: water and rock layers of the earth, bringing the perfect balance of nature straight in the human body .


  • It provides energy and increases the body’s level of
  • It has antioxidant and detoxifying properties sec3PH
  • It is keeping the cells alive and maintains the correct
    pH level
  • It does not contain nitrites and nitrates due to the
    unpolluted area
  • It improves memory, muscle tone and strength by its high oxygen intake

AQUAVIA  is a water recommended especially for active people who pursue a healthy lifestyle. AQUAVIA natural alkaline water,
can give you the vitality you need to feel positive and optimistic!

Consumption Recommendations *
It is recommended to drink a minimum of 2L of water a day,
between meals, preferably early in the day.
* The alkalinity of the water may have a different impact,
depending on the body and lifestyle of each person.


With AQUAVIA, we  want to share the natural riches kept in time by our mountains.
Due to its natural alkalinity, AQUAVIA has special effects in balancing the acidity level of the body. Our water mitigates the negative effects caused by stress, lack of sleep and poor diet.

  • Microbiologically pure water, captured from great depth (150m)
  • Alkaline natural spring water from Vlădeasa Mountains
  • Natural alkaline water with a pH of 9.4 at source, Bologa
  • Oligomineral water
  • AquaVIA hydrates faster and more natural than the regular water (it is even 3 times more efficient)


AquaVIA is an alkaline, natural spring water and it is sold in 19L cans, designed for use in Bottle Watercooler systems. These systems are the most practical solution for water consumption, both in the office and at home, as it gives instant cold and hot water. The Watercooler is offered in custody along with a set of custom plastic glasses, just so you can have everything handy. To use it correctly, the machine will be accompanied by instructions and recommendations on sanitation program.

    • TritanTM WX 510, is a new material on the 5-gallon canteen market.

It is different from the commonly used polycarbonate because:bfamic

    • There is no risk to contaminate the product with bisphenol A;
    • This is NOT polycarbonate and it can’t be

treated as such : TritanTM is softer
Cans made of TritanTM
are more fragile .

Offer – types of subscription


  • Free delivery and installation in any location – at your
    home or office;
  • Interior and exterior sanitation – optimal for keeping both the water and the dispenser under the normal parameters. Cleaning is done periodically at an interval of at least 3 months, depending on the intensity of use;
  • Maintenance

For more information about subscription prices, articles and services, you can contact us using the details below .


For more information about subscription prices, articles and services, you can contact us using the details below .

+40 729 399 660

Libertăţii Street, Apahida, Cluj, 407035,
Phone number: 0264 450727,